5 Biotech Companies in Vancouver to Know

These Canadian biotech companies develop technology and therapeutics for treating various diseases.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Nov. 15, 2023
5 Biotech Companies in Vancouver to Know
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Businesses in the biotechnology space incorporate biological processes into the creation of products and technology to further clinical research, drug development and medical treatments. Biotech falls under the life sciences industry, which has been flourishing in and around Vancouver. Here’s an overview of some of the city’s top biotech companies working on technology and therapeutics to address an array of diseases.

Top Biotech Companies in Vancouver

  • AbCellera
  • Aspect Biosystems
  • Zymeworks
  • STEMCELL Technologies
  • Acuitas Therapeutics


Biotech Companies in Vancouver to Know

AbCellera runs a biotech platform that develops antibody therapeutics and treatments. Its technology is able to search deeply, broadly and quickly to isolate and develop potentially useful antibodies. The company uses its tech to work with drug developers on fast tracking the process that brings a drug from discovery to clinical readiness. 

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Aspect Biosystems makes bioprinted tissue therapeutics that doctors use to repair, replace or support biological functions — for example, organ function — in the human body. Its pancreatic tissue therapeutic, which is in development, is engineered to be surgically implanted to support pancreatic function in diabetic patients, potentially eliminating their dependence on insulin. 

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Zymeworks creates therapeutics for treatment-resistant cancers and other “unmet medical needs,” like conditions that present a challenge to treatment, such as autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The company combines its technology and expertise to engineer biospecific and multifunctional protein therapeutics and has released a series of promising clinical data sets on new treatments. 

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STEMCELL Technologies is a life sciences company that specializes in developing cell culture media and cell separation products that are used in stem cell therapies, immunology, regenerative medicine and research into cellular therapy. Its work and products facilitate advances in life sciences research, and the company operates lab training courses to serve the same ends.

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Acuitas Therapeutics specializes in developing drugs and vaccines for conditions that are challenging to treat, such as HIV, malaria and cancer. The company says it’s the industry leader in developing the lipid nanoparticle delivery systems for nucleic acid therapeutics, which include mRNA therapeutics and DNA therapeutics.

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Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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