4 Boston Companies Hiring This November

From photonics to clinical trials, these four featured orgs are making an impact through technology.

Written by Robert Schaulis
Published on Nov. 09, 2022
4 Boston Companies Hiring This November
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Heat seems to be in order in Massachusetts this November. Bostonians are riding record warm weather into this Autumn — with temperatures cracking 70 degrees despite the onset of fall foliage. The Bruins are lighting up the NHL with their lossless streak extending into double-digits as the season progresses.

What’s more, companies from the city’s robust tech ecosystem are weathering would-be chilly headwinds, continuing to scale, build out their teams and develop innovative products and solutions.

From improving the success of clinical trials to providing smart communications kiosks to cities across the country, these featured Boston tech companies are using technology to improve lives and make an impact. Read on to learn more about how you can join one of these dynamic teams. 


A patient in a clinical trial receives an injection


What they do: Endpoint Clinical is an interactive response technology systems and solutions provider that supports the life sciences industry offering a suite of technologies engineered to promote clinical trial success.

Encouraging education: Endpoint Clinical offers its employees a variety of perks to ensure that team members can continue their education and keep their skills honed. Online course subscriptions, paid industry certifications, training, conferences and a continuing education stipend are all available through the company. 

Partnering up: This October, endpoint Clinical announced that it had partnered with Egnyte to ensure compliance with health authorities and allow for greater data oversight. 

“With limited means to share data outside of the traditional interactive response technology system, we needed to work with a technology solution that could supply IRT audit logs straight to Investigator sites to ensure compliance,” Cat Hall, vice president of data and quality, said in a press release. “Egnyte was able to deliver on that and more.”



A close-up view of a photonics array


What they do: EFFECT Photonics develops unique photonic integration technologies — including high-speed optical transceivers for communication networks for the telecom market.

Growing on the cutting edge: Senior Transceiver Architect Robert Palmer spoke with Built In this February about his work on next generation of coherent optical transceivers. 

This is a highly multidisciplinary program that requires cutting-edge solutions and innovation for addressing whatever needs arise in the market. It never gets boring,” Palmer said. “Engaging with colleagues that are experts in their specific areas is a pleasure and provides many opportunities for personal development and growth.”

Award-winning impact: This October, EFFECT Photonics was announced as a finalist for the 2022 Leading Lights award — a global communications industry award —  in the “Company of the Year (Private)” category.

According to a press release, the Leading Lights Awards recognize the communications industry’s top companies and their executives for outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies and innovation.



A person sits in front of a laptop with digital abstractions illustrating the concept of cyber security


What they do: Immersive Labs is the leader in people-centric cyber resilience. The company helps organizations continuously assess, build and prove its cyber workforce resilience for teams across the entire organization, from front-line cybersecurity and development teams to board-level executives.

Growing more resilient: This October, Immersive Labs announced it raised $66 million in capital to continue its growth and investment in its Cyber Workforce Resilience platform.

“Attracting new investment during a difficult time overall for the tech sector underscores the incredible demand for Immersive Labs’ disruptive, people-centric approach to cybersecurity,” James Hadley, CEO, said in a press release. “Proving cyber resilience has increasingly become a Board and C-level consideration. Our customers rely on us because we offer a trusted and effective approach to upskilling and measuring team and individual cyber defense capabilities.”

People-focused leaders: “As a leader of a high-performing team, I need to be ready to help guide individuals through conflict resolution and provide the runway they need to shine and drive the business,” Kristine Hunt, VP, Revenue Marketing, told Built In this October. “Our collective focus must continue to be data-driven, so having the ability to problem-solve quickly can reduce ambiguity and keep our momentum moving forward as a team.”



A woman using a touchscreen on a digital kiosk


What they do: Soofa provides outdoor advertising and smart city communication solutions, marketing solar-powered digital kiosks to cities and advertisers.

Growth and community: “I first applied to Soofa because I wanted to work at a company that valued community,” Account Executive and Media Team Sales Lead Brad Funaki told Built In this March. “Soofa embodies this belief both internally, by building an amazing culture, and externally by building and installing a product that makes communities better. In my time at Soofa, I’ve grown from a business development representative (BDR) role to account executive, and now team lead. Soofa is a place that will not only help you grow into new roles, but will also teach you skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime.”

Coast to coast: Last September, after rapidly expanding on the East Coast, Soofa expanded to the West Coast, providing kiosks to cities in Southern California’s Riverside County. And this August, the company announced plans to move Northward, expanding into Milpitas, CA — its eighth municipality on the Left Coast. 


Responsese have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Shutterstock.