Stephen Ostrowski

Stephen Ostrowski is a Senior Staff Writer on Built In's Brand Studio team. 

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group of nbcu teammates pose for a photo
NBCUniversal team members Kate Wilder, Peter Teitelbaum and Rama Assaf-Smith share how their contributions are paving the future for streaming service Peacock.
axios office
As the company expands its product offerings, Talbot is taking a servant-leadership approach to empowering diverse engineers. Here’s what they’re working on — and how Talbot is building his team.
Black-and-white headshot of Ahmed Azam looking to the side
Thoughtful modernization, a focus on the fundamentals and a learning-thirsty team helps put into motion ​​Ahmed Azam’s vision for infrastructure and cloud services at a company that has “over 165 years of legacy.”  
sprout social team members conversing with each other in the office
“Doing a few things really, really well is going to get our customers a lot more value than doing a bunch of things sort of mediocre.” Leaders at Sprout Social shared why, in the fast-paced world of social media, a considered approach pays off.
datadog office
“Datadog has had a very responsive approach to moving talent that fits our hypergrowth environment.” The company’s manager of talent management explains why.
telesign team members sitting in the office
“Our goal is to ensure we have a culture of inclusion and trust that champions the successes and development of every Telesigner.”
Photo of woman at laptop with separate monitor working on code
Three team members from Codecademy told Built In how the company is aiming to cater to learners with the digital learning platform’s latest releases.
An Atlassian team member at an "Atlassian On Tour" event
As the creator of software tools like Jira, Confluence and Trello, Atlassian knows collaboration. Three employees share how the company’s “Team Anywhere” distributed work model has improved their work and lives — without sacrificing connection.
picture of clean power research team
“I want to grow a highly effective and motivated team that can successfully tackle not just the current challenges but the ones we may not even know about yet.”
Valo Founder David Berry headshot photo
“With only 1,500 approved drugs for 13,000 diseases, [rewriting the drug discovery process] is the transformation that patients need.” David Berry discussed his precedent-setting ambition behind founding Valo.
next insurance team members working together in an office
“It’s so complicated. It’s not user-friendly. It’s not tailored for the small business owner. NEXT is trying to change that.” VP of People Sivan Avihud and her fellow executives discuss the core concept driving them forward at NEXT.
SoFi team members sitting together on a couch
Chief People Officer Anna Avalos explained how SoFi’s mission drives its people, now approximately 4,000 strong, while the fintech company’s culture supports and empowers them.