Yuval Boger
CMO at QuEra
Expertise: Software engineering perspectives, hardware
Education: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Tel Aviv University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Northwestern University

Yuval Boger is the CMO of QuEra, the leader in neutral atom quantum computers. In his career, he has served as CEO and CMO of frontier-tech companies in markets including quantum computing software, wireless power, and virtual reality. His Superposition Guy’s Podcast hosts CEOs and other thought leaders in quantum computing, quantum sensing, and quantum communications to discuss business and technical aspects that impact the quantum ecosystem.

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The view of the French National Academy of Sciences from the Seine River
As governments try to foster the development of quantum technology, they will have to weigh whether they want to support companies within their own borders or to acquire the best tech available.
A drawing of a qubit
As quantum computing becomes more sophisticated, the quantum processing unit may be the next transformative development in solving previously intractable problems.
A globe with technical images overlaid
Open-source products have proven influential in a wide range of enterprise applications. Will they have a similar effect on the coming quantum revolution?
A Bohr model atom drawing in the middle of a quantum compiuter
Quantum computers are powerful but error-prone due to the nature of quantum mechanics, but the logical qubit might be able to change that. Our expert dives into what you need to know.
The IBM quantum computing institute
Our expert looks at the possible paths forward for quantum computing.