Shanti Greene and Benjamin Weinert
AI and data science practice leader; senior data scientist at Daugherty Business Solutions
Expertise: Data analysis; programming
Education: UC Berkeley, University of Connecticut, Case Western Reserve University; University of Rochester, Indiana University

Shanti Greene is the founder of the Innovation Hub and the AI and data science practice leader for Daugherty Business Solutions. Over the past two decades he has helped organizations transform their disorganized data into valuable business insights. His teams have used technologies such as large language models, computer vision and neural network based forecasting to improve business outcomes. Greene’s expertise extends to cloud and data engineering; having architected the data ingestion, storage and retrieval for a fully containerized, poly-cloud capable, near real-time analytics platform. In addition to his consulting role, Shanti is a professor at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis where he teaches graduate level analytics.

Benjamin Weinert, Ph.D. is the data science competency lead and Innovation Hub technical lead for Daugherty Business Solutions. Weinert earned his doctorate in high energy physics, working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where he overcame the shortcomings in theoretical models, which can introduce biases in extracting extremely rare events, by developing data-driven models. With a focus on building pragmatic solutions, Weinert leads multiple data science initiatives, tackling problems such as predictive maintenance, computer vision classification, forecasting, LLMs and anomaly detection. His teams work the entire data science lifecycle, from use case evaluation to monitoring, and span from small proofs-of-concept to production systems. 

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