Molly Fosco
Staff Reporter at Built In
Expertise: Tech journalism
Education: DePaul University

Molly Fosco is a former Built In staff reporter covering tech startups and trends in San Francisco. Prior to joining Built In, Fosco was a technology reporter for OZY Media and a news reporter and producer for Seeker Media. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications, media and film studies from DePaul University. She is currently a copywriter for CircleCI.

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23 Articles
working from home with kids
Apr 29, 2020
It’s no secret that working at home with kids is a challenge. San Francisco tech leaders shared with us some of their best practices for managing it all.
Apr 02, 2020
GiveCampus was able to turn a profit quickly by taking a very un-Silicon Valley-like approach to growing its business.
Takeout COVID
Apr 02, 2020
Called Takeout COVID, the map was swiftly launched to help struggling bars and restaurants bring money in during the coronavirus pandemic.
Mar 31, 2020
Privacy laws are constantly evolving, which makes coding for privacy tools a challenge. DataGrail’s engineers are keeping up by writing adaptable code.
Bike Delivery
Mar 24, 2020
Non-salaried employees are most vulnerable to loss of income right now, but the tech community is offering support.
SF skyline
Mar 20, 2020
Amid coronavirus regulations in the Bay Area, these startups are preparing their businesses and employees for a new normal.
Fewer meetings
Mar 09, 2020
For some, the decision to hold fewer meetings is having surprisingly powerful benefits.
Design Thinking
Mar 03, 2020
By taking a human-centered approach to product design, these tech companies are quickly and effectively addressing user needs.
Business insurance
Feb 27, 2020
For many tech startups with unconventional business models, it’s like the wild west when it comes to insurance regulations.
Feb 25, 2020
Domain names that live on the blockchain are one solution to fighting censorship and protecting free speech.
data security
Feb 19, 2020
As data protection becomes a more formal business priority, many organizations are using new tools to upgrade their online security.
Modern Fertility Test
Feb 10, 2020
Healthtech startups are experimenting with new delivery models.