Michael Hinkle
Owner at JBI (Just Buy In)
Expertise: Sales, business consulting
Education: California State University

Michael Hinkle, author of Treasure Hunt: A Common-Sense Approach To Building A Successful Sales Career, is the founder of JBI, a Los Angeles-based sales consulting and coaching business with a specific interest in teaching sales professionals to become sales hunters and create business opportunities from scratch. His three decades in sales have included 20-plus years with a Fortune 500 company, where he rose to become a vice president while continuing to manage a productive sales pipeline and foster client relationships.

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3 Articles
Salesperson on a phone call
Navigating gatekeepers is an inevitable part of sales. Here’s how to start working with them rather than against them to close more deals. 
Three people looking stern at a negotiating table.
It doesn’t ever happen between two parties with competing needs.
An arrow in a target.
Keeping an entrepreneurial mindset can help you open doors to greater business opportunities down the road.