Michael Hines

Michael is a former full-time Built In writer turned freelancer. He joined the company in 2017 and moved to a freelance position in 2020.

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How a Hackathon Helped Formlabs Bring Fully Automated 3D Printing to the Masses
Form Auto, a new piece of hardware from Formlabs, is designed to enable 24/7 3D printing with no need for human supervision.
22 Atlanta Startups to Watch in 2022
Meet the young companies heating up the local tech market this year.
Remote recruiting and interviewing
Instead of making things harder, going remote has made hiring more efficient at Cadence Design Systems, LivePerson and Broadridge.
A stock illustration of innovation
Ajay Sabhlok, Rubrik’s head of IT, doesn’t see innovation as a nice-to-have but as a way of addressing business demands.
A stock illustration of venture capital, money for an idea
In the tech industry, venture capital is all about ROI. In the medical industry, realizing returns is important, but so is advancing the state of healthcare.
An illustration of Denver
The company’s recruitment goals haven't changed, but its hiring process has. Here’s how.
A stock photo of a company meeting
Leaders from Ball Aerospace, Relativity, Livongo and Compass share what their companies are doing to drive change.
An illustration of IoT
For “the edge” to become as ubiquitous as “the cloud” in the tech industry, a myriad of technical challenges need to be tackled.
An illustration of DevOps
When implemented with intent, DevOps can have a powerful impact on enterprise development teams.
an illustration of video game controllers
For decades, competition fueled new advances in video game technology and storytelling. That may be changing.
An illustration of credit cards
Mastercard, American Express and Visa are all taking a more active role in the evolution of fintech.