K. Jagathish
Software Developer at Tata Consultancy Services
Expertise: Software engineer, JavaScript and front end development
Education: Government College of Engineering, Bargur

K. Jagathish is a front end developer from India where he’s been working in software development since 2019. He’s currently a developer at Tata Consultancy Services with experience in JavaScript. He holds a bachelor’s in computer science from the Government College of Engineering, Bargur. 

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developer typing code with an overlay of checkboxes
There are a few common methods to determine if a checkbox is checked in JavaScript and jQuery, including: the checked property, :checked selector and the prop() method. Learn more.
software developer coding in JavaScript
URLSearchParams is a JavaScript API that allows users to retrieve and work with data in the URL query parameters. Learn how to use it.
index cards to signify JavaScript findindex method
The JavaScript array findIndex method returns the first element of an array that meets a provided condition. Learn how to apply it to your code. 
magnifying glass against sky illustrate finding value
Finding a value in an array is useful for effective data analysis. Learn how to discover what a JavaScript Array contains using indexOf, includes, for loop, some methods and more.  
close up of person typing code
The preventExtensions method in JavaScript prevents new properties from being added to an object by marking it non-extensible. Here’s what you need to know.
Person cutting a rope illustrating split a string
In JavaScript, the split method allows you to split the string into an array of substrings based on a given pattern. Here’s what you need to know.
A chef slicing a tomato with a knife.
The slice method of array returns a shallow copy of a portion of the array based on the start and end index passed. Learn three different ways to use array slice in JavaScript.
Here are a few quick and easy ways to check if an object is empty in JavaScript.