Jacob Biba
Staff Reporter at Built In
Expertise: Robotics and hardware
Education: University of North Carolina-Asheville

Jacob Biba is a Built In staff reporter covering robotics and hardware. Prior to Built In, he worked as a freelance writer and photographer. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Intercept and The New Republic. Biba has a degree in sociology from the University of North Carolina–Asheville.

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A robot are pressing the space bar on a laptop computer as a part of their robotic process automation.
Robots are ready to take over the tedious back-office tasks humans no longer want to do.
Smiling human-looking social robot
Social robots interact with people, and can even help children build social skills or support people with dementia.
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Could one of these new battery technologies be a viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries?
An eVTOL landing on a helicopter pad.
Electricity-powered flying taxis are almost ready for liftoff.
An autonomous truck driving across a bridge.
The trucking industry has its sights set on a driverless future.
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Meet the VC firms backing the products you use every day.
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These hardware companies are building the next big thing.
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