Ivo Bernardo
Partner and Senior Data Scientist at DareData Engineering
Expertise: Machine learning, Python, data science, R, data visualization
Education: NOVA IMS

Ivo Bernardo is a partner and senior data scientist for DareData Engineering, where he specializes in providing machine learning models and solutions for companies. He has worked in data science since 2014 and currently also serves as an instructor for Udemy, where he builds data science and analytics courses. Bernardo has previously worked as a customer analytics manager for Jerónimo Martins and as a data scientist for Credibom. He holds a master’s in business intelligence and knowledge management from NOVA IMS. He is the author of the book R Programming for Absolute Beginners

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ggmap is an R package that allows users to retrieve and visualize spatial data from Google Maps, Stamen Maps, OpenStreetMap or other similar map services.