Estefanía García Gallardo
Full-Stack Developer at npkill
Expertise: Software Development
Education: IES Politécnico Jesús Marín

Estefanía García Gallardo is a full-stack developer. Gallardo developed npkill and has been working in software development since 2019. She attended IES Politécnico Jesús Marín. Gallardo is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Puntotech.

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9 Articles
 PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) illustration of a smartphone with a body scan on it and other icons surrounding it that reference the healthcare system
Medical imaging is a key part of any patient’s health record and a PACS provides the necessary speed, security and cost-efficiency to ensure patients receive the best care possible.
AJAX image of a person working on a laptop and using a smart phone. There is a text overlay that says AJAX along with the different key components including CSS, HTML, and XM
AJAX makes websites faster and more responsive to user input, which creates a better user experience. Here’s how AJAX works and how you can get started.
file transfer protocol (FTP) image of a post-it note pad with FTP file transfer protocol written on it. The note pad sits on a desk. A plant, a pair of airpods and a pen are also visible on the desk.
File transfer protocol has been around for many years and is largely used to share files over the internet. Here’s how it works and why we still use it.
docker compose environment variables
Keep your Docker Compose environment variables inside the actual Compose file and out of the command line. Here’s why. Plus, sample code.
MVVM Architecture man sitting at his laptop and desktop computer. Both screens contain code. He is holding a cell phone
MVVM architecture (Model-View-ViewModel) is the software design pattern that separates the graphical user interface from the business logic of an application.
back-end development image of a man sitting at a laptop wearing glasses. He has a desktop computer and another laptop in the background. You can see code on the screen.
Back-end development, also known as server-side development, refers to the development of the behind-the-scenes logic that powers web applications.
Monolithic application image of a model ape approaching a tall, smooth black monolith. The image evokes the first part of 2001: A Space Odysset
Monolithic applications are built as a single unit that includes all of the application's components including APIs, services, databases and load balancers.
Meteor falling into orbit
Meteor is an open-source full-stack framework that offers access to thousands of libraries to help with web development. It's ideal for creating quick prototypes.
Intranet image of two hands typing on a laptop in profile.
Intranet are private networks used by organizations to improve secure communication, collaboration and information sharing between authorized users.