Edoardo Romani
Senior Project Manager in Sales Technology and Operations at MongoDB
Expertise: Data science, data analytics, business strategy and project management
Education: Bocconi University

Edoardo Romani is a senior sales technology and operations project manager at MongoDB. Romani began his analytics consulting career in 2018 working for Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte. He holds a Master of Science in management from Bocconi University where he focused on business analytics, statistics and business model innovation in the tech industry. To hear more from Romani, subscribe to The Data Newsletter.

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A tablet with various graphs is in the middle of a group of people. Only their hands are visible. Someone holds a cup of coffee.
Our expert explains the basics of diagnostic analytics and how it differs from other branches of data analysis.
pattern recognition illustration of the words pattern recognition surrounded by icons for computer programming and money
Pattern recognition is an automated process thanks to the availability of computer power to ingest data, process it, recognize its patterns and share it for further analysis. Here’s how pattern recognition works.
Web3 image of a cube off-center with digital text that reads Web3
We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about Web3, but what exactly is it and how does it differ from the Web 2.0 we all know and (sometimes) love? Our expert explains.
database normalization image of a large ball-of-yarn like squiggle being fed through a maze and coming out as a straight line
Database normalization ensures we’ve conceptually organized our data in a way that makes the most sense given the data’s attributes and the overall data model. Here’s how it works.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) image of a smartphone with an AWS logo on it, sitting on top of a laptop.
Thousands of customers all around the world, from large multinational companies to small start-ups and even individual developers and entrepreneurs, use the AWS suite of services. Here’s why.
Latency image of three snails in a race
Latency, in the field of information technology (IT), refers to the delay in data transmission between point A and point B, where A and B are two computers or servers.
Software requirement specification image of a bearded man wearing glasses holding his chin and looking at a screen as though studying or reading something
A software requirement specification describes what the product does and how we expect it to perform. It is is the main point of reference for the entire team.
Business Analysis and Reporting group of people meeting and looking over data
Business analysis and reporting refer to a comprehensive process of developing solutions to translate high-level business needs into actionable requirements.
SWOT analysis image of a bald man holding a sharpie to a white paper containing a SWOT analysis. He talks to three people to his left: a sikh man, a woman with short blonde wavy hair, and a thin dark-haired man wearing glasses and a button-down shirt.
SWOT analysis stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This exercise helps teams develop strategic plans for innovation and investment.
There are a lot of resources to help you become a better data scientist. Here’s my experience with one of them — the good and the bad.