Dr. Derek Austin
Front End Developer at Self-Employed
Expertise: JavaScript, React, Node.js, SEO and web-performance.
Education: Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Derek Austin is a front end developer with more than 20 years of web developer experience. Austin specializes in improving the performance of Next.js/React apps. He has previously held contract developer roles for Propel Data Cloud, Hilton and Loop. Austin is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a master’s and bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics and a doctorate in physical therapy.   

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6 Articles
Person holding a stop watch
Big O, Big Theta and Big Omega notations express an algorithm’s time and space complexity. Discover what each one is and what the differences between them are. 
Confused engineer representing question mark operator
The question mark operator is used in JavaScript as an alternative to an if statement, especially where a value is assigned based on a conditional.
software engineers checking for null in javascript
In JavaScript, typeof null returns ‘object’, so how do you check for null? One way is to use the double equality operator.
Software engineer sleeping to represent javascript sleep
JavaScript doesn’t have a dedicated sleep() function that causes the code to wait before resuming execution. Here's how to write a JavaScript sleep function. 
Woman coding representing json stringify
JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse() are useful tools for handling JSON-formatted content in JavaScript, though they have some limitations.
Types of data checked by javascript operators.
The JavaScript typeof operator is a useful and easy way to check the type of a variable in your code. It can be used to determine if data is an array, boolean or other.