Brennan Nevada Johnson
Founder and CEO at Brennan Nevada Inc.
Expertise: Public relations
Education: St. John's University

Brennan Nevada Johnson is the founder and CEO of Brennan Nevada Inc., a PR and media relations partner with over a decade of experience working with tech companies and startups.

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16 Articles
A person on a hopscotch square.
Job hopping can help you make more money, learn more skills and chase your own career dreams.
A person looking scared. Avoid PR mistakes by hiring a professional and taking their advice.
Nobody wants a message to go viral for the wrong reasons. Right?
A person sitting in moonlight. Moonlighting helps employees make extra money and fulfill their dreams.
They’ll be happier. And that can mean good things for your company.
a Black businessperson at a computer. Hiring Black-owned vendors and visiting Black-owned businesses can help build wealth in the Black community.
Hint: They involve putting your money, time and advocacy where your mouth is.
 A woman waving goodbye. End relationships with clients who make your life difficult.
Is a client slow to pay? Quick to micromanage? Might be time to wave goodbye.
Startups can improve PR in 2023 by creating original content and media-training executives.
One hint: Scrap the cookie-cutter content and get creative.
A woman jumping in the air. Bounce back from being fired by taking care of yourself and not rushing into another job.
Above all, resist the urge to rush into another job.
A man scowling at his computer. Managing stress of a job you hate is important.
A side hustle and knowing when it’s time to leave can help ease the pain.
This ghost in a forest might be a journalist, ignoring your media pitches.
It could be bandwidth — or it could be that they’re just not that into you.
A woman looking angrily at a cell phone. Mercury in retrograde can spark communication snafus, so move carefully to avoid them.
Startups, check your work and bite your tongue to prevent communications snafus during this chaotic time.
A number of simulated newspaper headlines overlap, and the words “breaking news live” are in a bold chiron in the center. /founders-entrepreneurship/startups-need-trade-press
A bigger audience isn’t necessarily a better audience.
Women balancing on beach balls. Toxic femininity reinforces gender stereotypes in the workplace.
When gender stereotypes rule your workplace, it might be time to move on.