Ari Joury, Ph.D.
Particle Physicist and Tech Consultant at a stealth-stage startup
Expertise: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, software engineering perspectives, data science, big data
Education: Sorbonne University, College des Ingenieurs, Paris-Sud University, Heidelberg University

Ari Joury is a particle physicist and tech consultant laying the foundations for a future startup.

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A laptop, keyboard, and desktop displaying code
Despite its age, the code editor Vim isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our expert explains what you need to know to get started with it.
A tech worker gives a presentation
Business and technology are inseparable buddies, and the workforce needs people who can handle both. Our expert shows how you can use your technical skills to get into consulting.
A silhouette of a human head with a light inside in front of a chalk board full of math
Ontology is an old philosophical concept that has found itself at the frontiers of machine learning and natural language processing. Here, our expert explains what you need to know.
A hand holds a smartphone with the Linux logo in front of a laptop
Here is a handy Linux cheat sheet because nobody remembers all the commands.
A crypto symbol atop a screen of code that is arranged to look like two pandas and the phrase "POS Activated"
The proof of stake model is replacing the proof of work model for Ethereum. Here’s the difference in these two verification methods.
A hand draws a product design
Autistic people make up for about 1 percent of the population. Designing products for their needs means better serving the other 99 percent, too.
A smartphone screen with "LaMDA: our breakthrough conversation technology" and the Google logo on it
Google’s LaMDA is making people believe that it’s a person with human emotions. It’s probably lying, but we need to prepare for a future when AI might, in fact, be sentient.
A cybersecurity professional works on multiple monitors
Hackers are creating new malware every day, and cybersecurity companies are having a hard time keeping up. But there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and our businesses.
An artistic rendering of a weird quantum object
They can be particles and waves, all at the same time. And researchers now finally know how much of each.
As “quantum” becomes one of the buzzwords of the decade, some voices are warning that its potential is overblown. But what is the reality?
Despite their mechanical nature, people seem to impose racial identities on robots. That’s a problem.
Governments around the world have no idea how well-developed their countries’ AI programs are coming along, but this knowledge might be crucial for everything from policymaking to fraud detection.