Robert Schaulis
Staff Writer at Built In

Robert Schaulis is an author and journalist who has written on the subjects of agriculture, business and technology. Schaulis has written for publications including The Snack Magazine, AndNowUKnow, Comstock's and Deli Market News where he served as managing editor. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Schaulis currently resides in Sacramento, California. 

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dark background with dots leading into a diamond
Apr 27, 2023
Meet FinanceOS, an operating system set to make FP&A professionals the strategic partners that CFOs need.
people with VR headsets
Apr 18, 2023
SVP of Stores Aylang Lou discusses Sandbox VR’s mission, its teams on the ground and how beating back zombie hordes could improve our social psychology.
An illustration depicting the digital and brick-and-mortar ecosystem of a modern financial institution
Mar 29, 2023
Learn how this digital banking company is making finance more human, bolstering banking institutions and strengthening the communities in which they operate.
Members of the Tapcart team pose in the office
Mar 24, 2023
Learn how the mobile app provider is scaling efficiently and securing a diverse and values-oriented workforce.
Members of the Expert Institute team working in an office setting
Mar 23, 2023
“I find myself having casual conversations daily with our executive leadership team.”
CPO Jason Lee in discussion with colleagues at Maven Clinic
Mar 22, 2023
CPO Jason Lee discusses the challenges and the opportunities to advance healthcare that works.
Members of the Supermetrics sales team pose for a photo outside the office
Mar 22, 2023
How is this sales manager securing team successes and saving marketers time? Built In breaks down this data-focused company’s approach.
A flag bearing the Coinbase logo flys in front of a flag bearing the logo of the New York Stock Exchange
Mar 01, 2023
Three leaders from the crypto platform discuss privacy, security and the work required to establish trust in the industry.
The storefront of a The Black Tux fitting room in Santa Monica, California
Feb 21, 2023
“When people harness the things that make them special, a truly authentic team is created.”
Members of the Harry's team volunteering during the company's "See the person, serve the people" week
Feb 01, 2023
How can a famous razor brand transform the future of mental health and make an impact through service? Three leaders discuss.
Office workers sit in an open office
Jan 26, 2023
Hear from Shane Hansen how a focus on clear communication has shaped the company’s processes and is foundational to its approach to servicing clients.
Members of the Roofr team pose at the company's offices
Jan 23, 2023
This SaaS roofing company is poised to court top tech talent as it grows its team of 80 members. Here’s how.