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Finance for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

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Maximizing your chances for financial success


What you'll learn:

  • To become fluent in business finance

  • Understand the key financial considerations for a start up and / or small business

  • How to read and interpret the key financial statements - to spot warning signs of financial difficulty

  • How to use budgets and forecasts to control the business financially as well as operationally

  • How to create value in the business



  • There are no course requirements or pre-requisites for this course



This workshop will provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the key financial knowledge to ensure that their businesses succeed financially.  We will teach the 'language' of finance - helping you to read and interpret financial information and to make informed operational judgements and decisions to maximize the financial success of your business venture.


Who this course is for:

  • Would-be entrepreneurs and anyone thinking about starting their own business

  • New entrepreneurs who have recently started a business

  • Small business owners

  • Anyone working for a small business or start-up

  • Anyone looking to improve their 'financial fluency' and understand business finance



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