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Complete Course on Product A/B Testing with Interview Guide

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AB Testing, Multivariate Testing, Multi-armed Bandit, Mock Interview Questions, R Coding, Statistics, Hypothesis Testing


What you'll learn:

  • How companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon use Product Experimentation to launch successful products

  • Excel in Product Experimentation & A/B Testing interviews

  • A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing & Multi-armed Bandit Testing

  • Hypothesis testing, including inferential statistics, significance level, type I and II errors, test statistics, p-values, statistical significance and statistical power

  • End to end process from hypothesis generation & design to implementation & analysis

  • Real world examples from Amazon, AirBnb, Square, Uber

  • Relevance of statistics and how each statistical concept fits in the big picture of A/B testing

  • Sample size calculation and test results analysis using R

  • Use experimentation to optimize websites and app

  • Sample size calculation using online calculators

  • Use experimentation to increase conversion on landing pages or in-app campaigns

  • Templates & Cheatsheet to generate, prioritize and analyze A/B tests



  • You should have basic knowledge of statistical concepts such as mean, standard deviation and variance



Have you always wondered how companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon use experimentation and AB Testing to launch successful products?

Do you want to apply product experimentation at your start-up or your current role?

Or maybe you are interviewing for a role in big Tech and wondering how to succeed in those interviews?


With the rise of smartphones, Product experimentation has really come to the forefront. If you do a google search for Experimentation or A/B testing, you will come across thousands of blogs and articles that discuss this topic. Unfortunately, most of them are either full of inaccuracies and misinterpretation of mathematical concepts Or they are too difficult to understand. This is not surprising. A/B testing is a deep area - there are many nuances involved throughout the process from conceptualization & design all the way to implementation & analysis. This course addresses this. I have designed this course to go deep into important statistical concepts but in a way that is easy to understand using everyday examples.


In just two hours, you will learn -

  • What product experimentation is and how to do it right

  • What is AB Testing, Multivariate Testing and Multi-armed Bandit Testing

  • What is the relevance of statistics in AB testing

  • What do statistical concepts such as confidence intervals, Type 1, Type 2 errors, p-value, statistical significance and statistical power mean And how do they fit in the big picture

  • And how to calculate sample size and duration for a successful AB test

  • How to excel in AB testing interviews through real interview questions


All these concepts will be reinforced with real world examples from companies such as Amazon, AirBnb, Square and Uber. I will also provide you with templates and cheat sheets that have really helped me in my career. In 2 hours, you can master product experimentation and immediately start applying it in your job or interviews . See you in the course!


Who this course is for:

  • Analytics or Data Science practitioners who want to master Product Experimentation or A/B Testing

  • Product Managers interested in learning A/B Testing

  • If you work in Product Development as a Product Manager, Engineer, Data Scientist or Analyst

  • If you are looking to be hired in big tech

  • If you are trying to break into data science

  • If you are looking to make a career switch into a role in Product Experimentation



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General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive is a transformative course designed for you to get the necessary skills for a UX Design role in three months. 

The User Experience Design bootcamp is led by instructors who are expert practitioners in their field, supported by career coaches that work with you since day one and enhanced by a career services team that is constantly in talks with employers about their UX Design hiring needs.


What you'll accomplish

As a graduate, you’ll have a portfolio of projects that show your creative and technical ability to launch the next generation of successful apps, websites and digital experiences. Throughout this program, you will:

  • Identify and implement the most effective methods of user research to gain a deeper understanding of what users want and need.

  • Use interaction and visual design techniques to craft a dynamic digital product that brings delight and function to users.

  • Conduct usability testing to make product experiences more accessible for diverse user populations and environments.

  • Learn best practices for working within a product team, employing product management techniques and evaluating technical constraints to better collaborate with developers.

  • Produce polished design documentation, including wireframes and prototypes, to articulate design decisions to clients and stakeholders.

  • Prepare for the world of work, compiling a professional-grade portfolio of solo, group, and client projects.



This is a beginner-friendly program with no prerequisites, although many students are familiar with common tools for graphic and web designers and some may have had exposure to UX concepts in the past. The General Assembly curriculum helps you gain fluency in end-to-end UX processes, tools, and documentation and put them to work on the path to a new career as a User Experience Designer.


Why General Assembly

Since 2011, General Assembly has graduated more than 40,000 students worldwide from the full time & part time courses. During the 2020 hiring shutdown, GA's students, instructors, and career coaches never lost focus, and the KPMG-validated numbers in their Outcomes report reflect it. *For students who graduated in 2020 — the peak of the pandemic — 74.4% of those who participated in GA's full-time Career Services program landed jobs within six months of graduation.  General Assembly is proud of their grads + teams' relentless dedication and to see those numbers rising. Download the report here.


Your next step? Submit an application to talk to the General Assembly Admissions team


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