Vikram Gupta
Senior Software Engineer at Integral Ad Science
Expertise: Software engineering
Education: Vishwakarma Institute Of Technology

Vikram Gupta is a senior software engineer at Integral Ad Science. Gupta has been a software engineer since he graduated with his degree in computer science in 2018.

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Freeware image of a laptop on a table. On the screen we see the word "Installing" and a progress bar.
Freeware refers to software that requires no paid licenses to use the application, no fees or donations, no restrictions on how many times you can download or open the program, and no expiration date.
Repository image of miniature binders piled up on a laptop keyboard
Repositories offer remote access to code modules as well as software packages to promote collaborative use. Here’s how they work and how to create your own.
What’s the difference between — soft, — mixed, and — hard git reset? Here’s what you need to know.