Todd Shepherd

Technology generalist with more than 20 years experience; Dynamics 365 administrator and data expert at a leading Southeastern law firm.

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A collection of vinyl 45 records
The rapid pace of change in tech means lots of people just get a general understanding of a topic and leave it there. Don’t be one of them.
Video games are more than just a hobby. In fact, studying them can teach us some valuable lessons for career growth.
Unreal Engine 5 introduces creators to Nanite and Lumen, two new tools that streamline the process of creating immersive 3D projects.
Jumping into the world of 3D, from animation to printing, has never been easier than it is now. Get started, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how useful your new skills are.
An essential part of your career growth is figuring out how to prime yourself to meet the challenges you’ll face. Once you do, you’ll be impressed by just how much and how fast you can grow.
The rapid pace of change in the tech industry means disruption is never far away.
generalist vs specialist
The depth of knowledge a specialist brings to their work is impressive, but don’t discount the value of a generalist.
A user training session at a laptop
Everyone recognizes the value of regular training, but few like it in practice. Instead of large-scale training programs, try implementing personal solutions on a case-by-case basis.
A handshake with a digital overlay
Partnering with other companies can be daunting. To make the process easier, focus on the value that your potential partner can offer.
Data branches into a tree
When each user in an organization views data as a personal resource, they can get overly comfortable modifying it until it’s polluted. To avoid this problem, recalibrate your approach so that data is considered a shared resource.