Paras Varshney
Master’s candidate at Northeastern University
Expertise: Data science
Education: Indian Institute of Information Technology; Northeastern University

Paras Varshney is a data scientist with experience in research and development. He has been affiliated with leading organizations such as LogicAI (KaggleDays) and the IUDX Programme Unit at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, where he made significant contributions to the design and implementation of cutting-edge data exchange platforms for smart cities. Additionally, he has played a vital role in organizing and managing data science competitions for the globally recognized KaggleDays x Z by HP Data Science Championships 2022, developing competitions on Kaggle and directing the execution of the data competitions on a global scale. Varshney has also been featured as a speaker at the esteemed NVIDIA GTC AI Conference 2021 as well as ODSC West 2022. He is currently completing his master’s degree in data analytics engineering at Northeastern University.

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