Nona Tepper
Staff Reporter at Built In

Nona Tepper is a former Built In staff reporter covering technology industry trends. She holds a masters of journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor of arts in journalism and english from Indiana University Bloomington. Prior to joining Built In, Tepper was a reporter and editor for Forest Park Review and Wednesday Journal, and her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Crain’s Chicago Business, Slate, VICE and MarketWatch. She is currently a staff reporter at Modern Healthcare.

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Looking to make the move from manager to individual contributor? Here’s how.
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HR reps say working from home is here to stay. How you start a job virtually, however, presents a new challenge for many.
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As COVID-19 fuels debates about privacy and other values, a Spotify designer has developed a framework teams can use to design ethically.
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Engineers from Outreach, Ripl and Karat talk through tips and tricks for developing over Zoom.
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How Hypergiant’s chief ethics officer promotes ethics both inside the company and out.
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As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, an increasing number of scammers are targeting credit unions’ already vulnerable call centers.
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We spoke with leaders at the continuous delivery startup to learn how they put feature deployment in developers’ hands.
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Cannabis companies, deemed an essential business in most states, are finding ways to connect with consumers online.
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Woebot mixes humor and cognitive behavioral therapy to offer users support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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As more workers transition to working remotely full-time, even those who have used Slack before are finding themselves in uncharted territory.
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Fabriq has seen an increase in use since the spread of COVID-19.
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One social media researcher tells us what analysis of the relationship between Twitter and Venmo can teach us about what the cross-platform economy is funding.