Mitch Lowe
Speaker at BigSpeak Speakers Bureau

Mitch Lowe is a former entertainment technology leader, best known for having served as a founding executive at Netflix, president at Redbox and CEO of MoviePass. While at Netflix, Lowe worked as the entertainment domain expert and VP of business development and strategic alliances from 1998 to 2003. He then joined Redbox, where he helped it grow to 35,000 DVD vending machine kiosks across the country. Lowe then became the CEO for MoviePass in 2016 and helped it acquire three million subscribers in eight months.

Today, Lowe delivers keynote speeches and presents to audiences as large as 7,000 people addressing topics like innovation and leadership in our  “new normal.” He is the author of the book Watch and Learn: How I Turned Hollywood Upside Down with Netflix, Redbox, and MoviePass — Lessons in Disruption. 

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Netflix Mitch Lowe Watch and Learn spilled popcorn Netflix Illustration
In 1999, we were struggling to distinguish ourselves from the competition. Then, we launched monthly subscriptions and changed the video industry. Here’s how we did it.