Megan McNamara
Content Marketing Strategist and Editor at Freelance
Expertise: Content Marketing
Education: Northwestern University

Megan McNamara is a content marketing strategist and editor specializing in actionable, customer-oriented content that drives results. McNamara has worked as a marketing professional since 2008; she has strategic communications expertise spanning the sales funnel. McNamara holds a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University.

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Employment law illustration of small people near justice scales, an over-sized law book, a gavel and a large white book titled Employment Law
Employment law is an extensive, relatively young branch of law that’s constantly changing. Explore key employment laws and the most common reasons employees and employers take legal action.
Pay compression image of a one-hundred dollar bill, a fifty-dollar bill and a twenty-dollar bill tied by a rope and knotted in the middle. The ends of the rope are off-screen as if there's a tug-of-war happening to see who can get the money.
Pay compression occurs when employees’ compensation does not accurately capture their experience level or skill set. Here’s why it’s bad for your bottom line.
Employee relations image of a group of employees interacting and laughing in a casual atmosphere — maybe a coffee, lunch or happy hour.
Employee relations refers to an organization’s efforts to sustain positive, constructive relationships with its employees.
Brand Marketing people working together
Brand marketing focuses on marketing a business or product by telling your brand’s story and building awareness among prospective customers.
Content Strategy group meeting
A content strategy is an integrated approach to planning, developing and managing content