Matt Brown
Founder and CEO at WaterlooData

Matt Brown is the founder and CEO of WaterlooData.

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Seen from directly above, a woman points at something on her laptop while speaking on the phone. Business intelligence graph printouts surround her on a table. /operations/choosing-between-power-bi-tableau-looker
Weighing the pros and cons of the top business intelligence tools.
A stylized representation of a data warehouse; multiple symbols for database (three stacked disks) feed into a central server. /big-data/data-warehouse-vs-transactional-database
If your current data setup isn’t providing you with the analytics capabilities you want, this read is for you.
A handwritten list, with strength on one side of a vertical line and weakness on the other. /big-data/fivetran-strengths-weaknesses
An overview of this new data integration tool.
A bank of servers. /big-data/azure-synapse-vs-snowflake
If you’re shopping around for a data warehouse, read on.