Kristian Kabashi
Co-founder at Numarics
Expertise: Artificial intelligence, founders + entrepreneurship, operations, company culture, corporate innovation
Education: FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management

Kristian Kabashi has served as a top-level international executive in several creative industries, where he leads the charge in rethinking the connection between work and technology. His philosophy, Work is for Bots, Life is for Humans, indicated his belief that technology should serve as a tool to enhance human potential, not hinder it.

Kabashi has given a name to this new era of work: Blank Collar. This refers to individuals who thrive through collaboration with intelligent technologies. According to the Blank Collar philosophy, people should focus on strategic and creative tasks, leaving monotonous duties to the machines.

Numarics, a Swiss fintech company that Kabashi co-founded, embraces the Blank Collar philosophy.


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A group of people look out a window
Apr 18, 2023
In the emerging era of work, the most successful businesses will be the ones who view their entire business as a product.