Katlyn Gallo
Cybersecurity Engineer at Healthcare Industry
Expertise: Cybersecurity
Education: Quinnipiac University; Southern Connecticut State University

Katlyn Gallo is a cybersecurity engineer in the healthcare industry who has worked in engineering, IT and security since 2017. Gallo is a board member for Women of Security and previously worked with Cotiviti and C&S Wholesale Grocers. Gallo holds a Master’s degree in cybersecurity from Quinnipiac University and is a CISSP.

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19 Articles
A hand touches a touchscreen that says "access control"
Sep 20, 2023
Discretionary access control, or DAC, is an approach to systems security in which administrators grant users permission to access resources. Our expert explains how it works here.
A cybersecurity engineer works at a computer terminal
Aug 28, 2023
Microsegmentation is a popular security framework that limits vulnerability to cyberattacks and mitigates the damage attackers can do to your systems. Our expert explains how it works.
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol illustration of each word in the acronym.
Apr 04, 2023
Why do we use LDAP and how does it work? Our expert explains the ins and outs of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
PHI protected health information image of a stethoscope and patient chart laying on top of a laptop.
Mar 06, 2023
PHI (protected or personal health information) is data collected about patients. Here’s what counts as PHI and why it’s important to protect.
i/o input/output image of a computer on a desktop with a chair in front of it. A pair of headphones rests on the chair's headrest.
Mar 02, 2023
I/O refers to the communication between an information system, like a computer or server, and another system or user. Here’s everything you need to know about I/O.
RFP image of a folder on a desk with a stamp on it that says requests for proposals
Feb 06, 2023
An RFP (request for proposals) is a business document that announces and describes new business initiatives or projects, then requests bids from qualified contractors to complete the work.
SSO image of a key with tendrils reaching out to other pieces of technology like a computer transistor and a phone
Feb 02, 2023
SSO (single sign-on) is a method of authentication that uses one set of credentials to authenticate to one or more applications.
GB image of a chip going into a computer
Jan 09, 2023
A GB is a form of digital measurement we use to describe the size of information on a system or the capacity of storage available on a disk or other digital storage media.
Spear Phishing person fishing
Dec 21, 2022
Spear phishing is a social engineering technique that malicious individuals use to trick targeted individuals into providing sensitive information, usually via email.
DDos Attack person monitoring codes and graphs
Dec 19, 2022
In a DDoS attack, multiple computers are used to target a resource. The desired outcome is to crash the target server, rendering it unable to process requests. 
A person in a suit holds a cloud with a lock on it
Dec 15, 2022
Cloud Security Posture Management is a vital part of a robust defense against cyberattacks for any business that uses cloud computing. Here, our expert introduces you to its components.
A user types an authentication code into a tabled from a phone
Nov 03, 2022
MFA fatigue, also known as MFA abuse attacks, are a type of cyber threat that is on the rise. Familiarize yourself with the risks so you don’t fall victim.