Emily Carrión
VP of Marketing at Esper
Expertise: Marketing
Education: Seattle University; Whitman College

VP of marketing at Esper, investor and startup advisor.

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Image of customer advisory board
Going directly to your customers can provide invaluable outside feedback that will inform your company’s strategy in the future. But what’s in it for your board members?
Introducing a new hire to the rest of the team
When you create a welcoming environment and give them opportunities to shine, they’ll be even more likely to become game-changing assets to your company.
Best tips to stand out on LinkedIn
Set yourself — and your company — apart by giving your profile a makeover that accurately promotes your best skills, accolades and passions.
Modern employee benefits
Gone are the days of ping-pong tables and in-office espresso machines. It’s time for more holistic offerings.
video marketing
Marketing with video can make engagement skyrocket, and you don’t need a big budget to see the benefits.