Dave Perretz
Head of Operations at 2ULaundry

Entrepreneur, most recently with the early stage startup 2ULaundry; former Army officer and airborne ranger.

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Goal-setting frameworks like OKRs are great tools to get things done if you know what your priorities are. But how do you figure out what your company should focus on?
Three people look at a chart with a binary overlay
Scaling your business presents exciting opportunities, but you need to do it carefully to avoid burning up resources and crushing employee morale. Here are four lessons on scaling that I learned the hard way.
Businesses often make the mistake of crafting a strategy based on their own perception about what value they offer customers. It’s possible to build a much more effective plan, however, by figuring out your unique value proposition.
An infinite regression with a mirror
A strategy, no matter how sophisticated, is useless if nobody in an organization follows it. As a leader, one of the best ways to align a team with your vision is simple: repetition.
A team watches a presentation
Drafting a commander’s intent empowers your team to read your mind and allows your team to move fast.