Sowjanya Padmanabhuni and Ranjini Vaidyanathan
Senior Product Manager & Director, Data Science at CCC Intelligent Solutions
Expertise: Data science, machine learning, product management and AI
Education: Carnegie Mellon University & Georgia Institute of Technology

Sowjanya Padmanabhuni is a senior director of product management for CCC Intelligent Solutions, an AI and network management consulting firm, with more than 15 years of experience in product roles. She has worked for the firm since 2011 and served as an analytics associate for A.T. Kearney before that. Padmanabhuni holds a master’s in business administration from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s in computer science and IT from Jawaharal Nehru Technology.

Ranjini Vaidyanathan is the director of data science for CCC Intelligent Solutions with eight years of experience in data science roles. She has worked for the firm since 2008. Vaidyanathan holds a doctorate in mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology, a master’s in physics from Indian Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s in applied sciences from PSG College of Technology.

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