30 Great Employer Branding Examples in Technology

By John Beyer  |  July 25, 2018

employer branding examples

When it comes to building a great employer brand, getting the ball rolling can often be the greatest challenge. Maybe you’re just getting started and staring at a blank canvas, or perhaps your employer brand is established but in need of a facelift. Either way, a little inspiration can be just what it takes to get you headed in the right direction.

We’ve gathered dozens of real-world employer branding examples from tech companies nailing the art through three different channels — the tried-and-true careers page, culture blogs and social media. We’ve also included a few thoughts as to why we consider these to be stellar examples and what you can learn from them.


Employer Branding with Career Pages

Your website will be the first stop for the majority of job seekers interested in your open positions. Make sure it meets their expectations with a careers page that provides the information and personality they’re looking for.



catapult systems

Why We Love It 

  • It answers the important questions up front - For most job seekers, health benefits are an important selling point. So important, in fact, they can convince a candidate to look elsewhere if your offerings aren’t up to snuff. Catapult Systems avoids any ambiguity with an in-depth overview video of its health benefits, letting job seekers know exactly what to expect.
  • It demonstrates a commitment to professional development - Catapult Systems offers several professional growth programs, and it makes sure to feature them to prospective job seekers. If professional growth is something you take seriously, don’t be afraid to brag.



civitas learning

Why We Love It 

  • It makes the mission the star - Civitas Learning takes the “mission-driven” mantra to the next level by pasting its raison d’etre at the very top of its careers page, leaving no doubt about what it’s working toward. Seeing as 50% of job seekers consider your company’s mission to be the most important deciding factor during a job search, it’s a very smart approach.
  • It shows off the product - Everyone you hire will contribute to your products and services in one form or another. Showcasing what they’ll be working on is an easy way to pique their interest and get them excited about your job openings.




Why We Love It 

  • It puts open positions front and center - Smart companies are featuring their careers page in the global nav bar, but the smartest companies — like DRW — are going even further, calling out the number of positions right in the nav link. The result is a sense of urgency that encourages users to click through and learn more.
  • It highlights the right benefits - DRW leads with benefits that have less to do with killer perks (which it still offers) and more to do with career development. By emphasizing networking events, educational opportunities and its mentorship program, DRW lets job seekers know it cares about their professional growth.




Why We Love It 

  • It uses video to stand out from the crowd - The human attention span is getting shorter, and convincing users to interact with your content is harder than ever. Madwire made a bold decision to forego copy on its careers page, relying entirely on video to tell its story. A library of professionally produced videos engages users and showcases every facet of life at Madwire.
  • It oozes confidence - Madwire’s videos clearly demonstrate the company’s confidence, letting candidates know the organization is on firm footing and has big plans for the future. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and Madwire knows exactly how to walk it.




Why We Love It 

  • It makes the next step easy - Optiv allows interested candidates to take an automated digital interview anywhere, anytime. Aside from serving as a terrific screening tool, this approach allows excited job seekers to get the application process started instantly, maintaining their momentum and removing barriers to application.
  • It gives candidates something to mull over - Optiv’s careers page features a resources section with videos, articles and downloadable brochures that give candidates plenty of information to consider. Brochures may not be sexy, but Optiv is providing job seekers with the  information they want when considering new opportunities.




Why We Love It 

  • It features honest employee testimonials - Job seekers want a transparent look at life at your company, and too much massaging can result in copy that reads more like advertising than honest feedback. Checkr’s employee testimonials are detailed and honest, and it’s clear management didn’t take a heavy-handed approach with editing. Which is a big plus, as a little motivational profanity can go a long way when well executed.
  • It uses gorgeous photography - Take one look at Checkr’s careers page and you see the difference great photography can make. The shots are professionally composed and the quality is exquisite, lending an air of professionalism that amateur photography can’t match. Stunning photography is always worth the investment.




Why We Love It 

  • It says a lot by saying a little - Phunware’s careers page looks downright slim when compared with what some other tech companies offer, but it doesn’t skimp on information. In less than 100 words, Phunware covers the accolades it’s received from major publications, its core product offerings and cultural philosophy. No fluff, no mess.
  • It utilizes an affordable mix of video - Just about everyone is looking to use video in their employer branding efforts, but the pricetag can make the medium prohibitive. Phunware uses a mix of professional and homegrown video to keep costs down and prove the format doesn’t have to break the bank.




Why We Love It 

  • It gives candidates the full picture - Planning to show off your office space on your careers page? Then pay attention, because RetailMeNot has raised the bar. An interactive 360-degree video tour brings job seekers into its Austin headquarters, providing a first-hand look at its amazing office space. It’s a memorable approach, and with the right equipment it’s simple to execute.
  • It makes jobs sticky - RetailMeNot makes applying easier than your average careers page with a sticky navigation bar that’s always visible. Users see a “View Jobs” button prominently displayed at the top of the screen, regardless of where they are on the page. Sticky nav bars offer some serious UX benefits, so if you’re looking to give your careers page a boost, this approach is worth considering.




Why We Love It

  • It showcases career growth opportunities - The best candidates are looking for positions that will help them learn and grow, and Spredfast uses employee testimonials to highlight these opportunities. Spredfast showcases the position each featured individual was hired for, as well as the position they hold now, to prove candidates will be given the opportunity to advance.
  • It offers proof of work/life balance - A dedication to work/life balance is a common theme with careers pages, but many companies fall short of backing up these claims. Not so with Spredfast, which highlights what its team is up to out of the office, proving to candidates that its employees have plenty of time to enjoy life.




Why We Love It 

  • It treats every role with respect - Peapod celebrates every team within the organization — from truck drivers to software engineers — with videos that highlight the importance of each function and the reasons individuals with that skillset choose Peapod over the competition. Every job seeker wants to feel like their contributions will be appreciated and Peapod manages to convey this in a smart and visually appealing manner.
  • It’s always closing - Like RetailMeNot, Peapod takes every opportunity to push users toward its open positions. A large “View Available Jobs” button is featured at every level, encouraging users to take the next step and search for the position that’s right for them.




Why We Love It

  • It makes employee testimonials pop - Tableau makes powerful data visualization tools. It’s also made a powerful careers page, thanks in large part to some eye-catching employee testimonials. Tableau empowered its employees to create data visualizations that align with their personal interests, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the personality of its team.
  • It embodies the company’s product - Tableau leverages its product to provide background information on everything from office locations and headcount to customer acquisition and revenue growth.




Why We Love It 

  • It gives job seekers a behind-the-scenes look at the application process - ThoughtWorks helps candidates overcome the pre-interview jitters by providing them with a behind-the-scenes look at the hiring process before they apply, easing their nerves and helping them prepare for the interview. It also keeps the organization accountable and maintains a structured hiring process.
  • It leads with thought leadership - ThoughtWorks is fortunate to have a talented team of experts who aren’t afraid to stand on a pulpit and make their voices heard. Its careers page features in-depth employee-authored articles that provide insight on job searches, career advancement and more. Aside from showcasing expertise, this approach gives potential candidates a reason to return.  




Why We Love It

  • It gets executive leadership involved - Every company says its executives appreciate the frontline employees, but TrueCar proves it. TrueCar’s executive team plays an active role in recruiting and retaining the best talent by taking time to be part of the organization’s careers page. They’re hands-on leaders, passionate about finding and nurturing the best talent.
  • It tells a consistent story - TrueCar tells a consistent and memorable story throughout its careers page. Its hook — “Dramatically improve the car buying and selling process” — sticks with job seekers, letting users know TrueCar takes its mission seriously and everyone is on the same page.




Why We Love It 

  • It offers a sneak peek at the candidate’s skill set - Candidates are looking for something unique when they visit your careers page, and odds are good you’re looking for some insight into their skillset. The Umbelmania Dev Challenge offers candidates a fun project that allows them to show off while providing Umbel a sneak-peek at what each candidate can bring to the table.
  • It keeps things organized - Many careers pages have grown into microsites, requiring users to click through multiple pages to find the information they’re looking for. Umbel takes a different approach, keeping everything on one page. Users can click through for more information if they choose to, but it isn’t necessary.




Why We Love It

  • It segments content to target candidate personas - Creating a careers page that speaks to the needs of your various candidate personas can be tricky, but Workday overcomes this by segmenting its content by team.
  • It makes finding the right position easy - Workday’s careers page greets visitors with an easy-to-use search bar which helps them find positions of interest quickly and easily.



wp engine

Why We Love It 

  • It’s stunning in its simplicity - WP Engine’s careers page is a case study in minimal design done right. A clean, multi-column layout leads to an easy-to-navigate experience that drives candidates toward open jobs. Cutting the excess noise is a smart move, as 30% of visitors will abandon a page if they feel it’s too cluttered.
  • It shows off some real estate - WP Engine has offices in some of the world’s hottest markets, and it isn’t humble when it comes to showing off its digs. A dedicated landing page for each office also allows WP Engine to segment its open jobs by location, providing its users with an intuitive experience.   




Why We Love It 

  • It showcases authentic personality - Wyzant’s careers page showcases enough of its whimsical personality to entice candidates without taking things too far. Your careers page is a great place to demonstrate your personality, but if it feels forced or out of character, candidates will make a beeline for the exit.
  • It speaks to locals - Wyzant offers tutoring services across the country, but it’s headquartered in Chicago and its careers page reflects this. Rather than provide generic copy in an attempt to appeal to everyone, Wyzant references its proximity to local landmarks Chicago-area candidates know and love.  



outbound engine

Why We Love It 

  • It uses white space to keep things clean  - White space can increase comprehension by as much as 20%, leading to a better experience for site visitors. OutBound Engine leverages this philosophy to great effect, utilizing white space with splashes of color to ensure your eye is drawn to the most important information. Sometimes a little breathing room can be your best friend.
  • It makes smart use of social media - When it comes to online content, images trump text. In fact, including relevant images in your content can increase views by 94%. OutboundEngine pulls images straight from its Instagram feed, getting double-duty out of work it’s already doing.




Why We Love It

  • It uses color to stand out - Unlike OutboundEngine, Centro eschews white space in favor of a bold color palette. The use of bright orange captures the user’s attention and pulls them deeper into the page. Color can significantly boost website conversion rates when properly utilized, so don’t be afraid to stand out from the pack.
  • It stands for something - Centro takes the purpose-driven company approach seriously with a cultural manifesto of core beliefs and values. By leading with its dedication to “the growth, well-being and happiness of the individual,” Centro is able to provide job seekers with some tangible proof of its commitment to its employees.


Blogging for Your Employer Brand

In-demand job seekers can afford to be picky. They’re going to do their research before they accept an offer, and an engaging culture blog that showcases your employer brand can provide them with that extra bit of enticement they’re looking for.




Why We Love It 

  • It nails the fundamentals - For a textbook example of an excellent culture blog, look no further than Racker Culture from Rackspace. It covers everything from corporate social responsibility and volunteer events to game-a-thons and a Simpsons-themed search engine created by Rackers. Readers get a clear understanding of the organization’s core values and culture.




Why We Love It 

  • It makes the employees the star - Microsoft’s Jobs Blog tells the unique stories of the organization’s most valuable asset: its people. Microsoft’s editorial staff has done its homework, conducting the sort of in-depth interviews necessary to tell a compelling story. The result is a series of mini-biographies that illustrate the amazing diversity of Microsoft’s team while showcasing the organization’s appreciation of everything they do.




Why We Love It 

  • It’s unapologetically honest - With its Open blog, Buffer takes the concept of honesty to another level. For recruiters, scrolling through the blog’s timeline is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Absolutely nothing is off limits, which is what makes it such a powerful tool. You may want to shy away from bad news, but it’s always just a Google search away. Addressing it head on lets you be a part of the conversation and ensures you’re providing potential candidates with insider context.  




Why We Love It

  • It excites readers with tech - GE has created a platform to showcase some of its most innovative work, and when it comes to tech candidates, innovation matters. Employees want to be part of something new and exciting, so it’s important to highlight the cutting-edge technology you have to offer. If you want to excite candidates, lead with your most enticing offerings.




Why We Love It

  • It gets the entire team involved - For many companies, the corporate blog is marketing’s domain. Enova bucks this trend by encouraging its entire team to get involved in the content creation process. From standard tactics like employee interviews to more outlandish ideas like turning over control of the blog to team members on sabbatical, Enova misses no opportunity to convert its staff into content creators.


Social Media for Employer Branding

When it comes to recruiting through social media, your options are almost endless. But as with every form of employer branding, the platform is less important than the message. From high-budget to bare-bones, a little creativity can make any social recruiting campaign a success.




Why We Love It

  • It gives job seekers something worth following - Interview advice from Facebook’s VP of People. Career guidance for women in tech from the VP of Platform and Marketplace. Hour-long talks from CEO Mark Zuckerberg. People follow Facebook Careers because Facebook gives them content worth following. Your firm may not have high-profile executives, but you can create the same sort of impactful content job seekers are looking for.




Why We Love It

  • It isn’t afraid to show off - Olapic runs a top-notch Instagram profile, but unlike most branded social media endeavors, it foregoes gratuitous advertising in favor of highlighting its team. And what that team has been up to would entice any job seeker to learn more. From beachside yoga at the Cannes Lions Festival to business trips in destination cities across the globe, a workday for the folks at Olapic is what many of us would consider a dream vacation.  




Why We Love It

  • It doesn’t hold anything back - With 600,000+ followers, the Careers at Dell Facebook page may be the world’s largest talent pipeline. It takes great content to capture the attention of so many people, and even better content to keep it. Dell doesn’t cut any corners, investing in photography, video production, copywriting and just about every other format to appeal to job seekers. By connecting all of its social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, et al) with its Facebook page, Dell never has to worry about a shortage of material.




Why We Love It

  • It celebrates the day-to-day routine - High-budget recruiting campaigns and an army of professional content creators are well and good, but sometimes a simple approach is all it takes. With its Instagram feed, Zayo celebrates the simple pleasures of life at the company, showcasing the fun activities and great events the team is a part of. A smartphone and a little creativity are all it takes to tell a compelling story.




Why We Love It

  • It goes straight to the source - When GrubHub was looking for an intern to help grow its Snapchat presence, it turned to — wait for it — Snapchat. GrubHub used the Snapchat Stories feature to post a mini slideshow explaining the position and how interested candidates could apply. GrubHub met candidates on their turf, and provided a fun and unexpected application process that caught the attention of qualified applicants outside of traditional recruitment channels.

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