By Alyssa Schroer  |  December 4, 2018

From global Fortune 500 behemoths to small retailers, companies of all sizes are more focused than ever on big data. Whether it's used to more effectively target new customers, pinpoint issues in the purchase process or enhance sales prospecting, data shows what’s working and what isn’t. It also helps predict problems and illuminate solutions. Find out how the following companies use big data to enhance their business operations.

big data applications business

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Business growth depends on gaining new customers and retaining old ones. Big data and analytics help companies to be more targeted in their customer acquisition while optimizing customer experiences to build loyalty.


arm treasure data big data applications business
arm treasure data

Arm Treasure Data

Location: Mountain View, Calif.

What it does: Arm Treasure Data is a customer data platform for enterprises to unify data and kickstart growth. Serving customers in retail, automotive, IoT and entertainment, Arm Treasure Data displays customer interactions across channels and devices to help companies optimize customer experiences. 

Business impact: After implementing Arm Treasure Data to enhance its player experience, virtual gaming company Survios gained access to ten times the data volume, which helped it to better understand players' needs. According to Survios producer Ben Solganik, “Customer acquisition and retention is about raising the bar higher in terms of creating a human experience and unlocking players’ creative potentials. Data drives you in directions that you may not have previously considered.”


datameer big data applications business


Location: San Francisco

What it does: Datameer provides self-service customer analytics to help businesses improve conversion rates and increase customer retention. Data culled from a variety of sources — including websites, apps, email campaigns and social media — offers deeper insight into customer behaviors.

Business impact: Online sports products retailer Surfdome implemented Datameer with impressive results, including increased customer acquisition, increased average customer lifetime value with repeat purchases and improved average purchase size with cross-sell offers.

mixpanel big data applications business


Location: San Francisco

What it does: Mixpanel makes data analytics software for web and mobile that helps businesses create better customer experiences. The platform analyzes behavior analytics across product and marketing efforts, providing insights that enhance customer engagement and retention.

Business impact: Mixpanel's platform provides companies with retention insights that include how frequently users engage daily, weekly or monthly. More specifically, Mixpanel answers questions like, “How many new mobile users of a certain age engaged with a product?” and “Do iPhone or Android users engage more often?”


ecommerce big data applications business

E-commerce Analytics

As online businesses grow and more retailers move to digital hybrid operations, managing e-commerce data is an integral part of doing business online. The following companies track customer, product and online store data to optimize online sales.


glew big data applications business


Location: Charlotte, N.C.

What it does: Glew is an e-commerce analytics platform that uses customer and product data to measure important metrics for store performance, customer behavior and product decisions. Glew’s customer analytics solution uses data to help e-commerce businesses identify the campaigns and channels responsible for the highest customer lifetime value and the lowest customer acquisition costs.

Business impact: Glew helps businesses integrate with platforms like Magento and Bigcommerce, so data is pulled into one digestible place. According to The Great American Spice Company founder Rob Conley, Glew will “bring all of your merchandising, customer and sales data into a whole new light.”


looker big data applications business


Location: Santa Cruz, Calif.

What it does: Looker is a business intelligence software company that provides big data analytics solutions for multiple industries, including retail and e-commerce businesses. The platform unifies metrics into one readable dashboard and offers insights that help retain customers and drive sales, including how conversions are impacted by certain web page experiences and where problems are occurring in the customer purchase process.

Business impact: Leading e-commerce companies like Glossier, Bonobos and Ibotta use Looker to answer questions and make data-driven decisions.


woopra big data applications business


Location: San Francisco

What it does: Woopra is a data and analytics software company that that serves the e-commerce sector. The platform tracks every consumer touchpoint and provides data that helps companies better understand customer behavior and optimize customer experiences.

Business impact: Woopra helps businesses use data to answer questions about where visitors are lost during the purchase process, errors visitors experience before contacting support and how to engage the ideal customer. 

big data applications business sales marketing

Marketing & Sales

There's no shortage of big data and analytics tools that integrate sales and marketing data to help companies find prospects and customers. The following companies use some of those tools to grow their businesses.


4c big data applications business sales marketing


Location: Chicago

What it does: 4C is a data science and marketing technology company that serves a variety of industries. Its platform, Scope, unifies customer data across social, digital, TV and mobile channels. 4C helps businesses better understand customers to improve experiences, analyze campaign efforts and measure overall brand impact.

Business impact: 4C provides data analytics for strategic marketing campaigns. According to a 4C case study, Kraft Heinz implemented a TV Sync campaign to produce soup ads that aired simultaneously on TV and Facebook. Because data shows that “90% of consumers use a second device while watching television,” the strategy resulted in a 38% increase of engagement in comparison to non-TV sync campaign.


conversion logic big data applications business sales marketing
conversion logic

Conversion Logic

Location: Los Angeles

What it does: Conversion Logic is a marketing intelligence analytics platform built for enterprises. The software aggregates data from all kinds of media channels ranging from TV and radio to direct mail and social. Conversion Logic helps companies and brands increase media efficiency and access a centralized view of marketing data.

Business impact: Conversion Logic worked with an online retail apparel brand to overhaul its TV media efficiency by helping the brand pinpoint and cut spending on underperforming stations and long-form creative measures. As a result, the brand saved $1 million a month in media spending and saw an ROAS increase of 22%.


insight squared big data applications business sales marketing


Location: Boston

What it does: InsightSquared provides sales and marketing analytics solutions that offer quick and automated reporting with historical CRM data. The platform helps marketers gain visibility, justify spending and prove marketing ROI with attribution reports. InsightSquared helps sales teams accurately forecast and manage pipelines without time-consuming manual report building.

Business impact: InsightSquared's unified data platform improves collaboration between sales and marketing teams.


salesforce big data applications business sales marketing


Location: San Francisco

What it does: Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that works with enterprises and organizations of all sizes and is primarily used by sales and marketing departments to track and visualize data from each customer interaction.

Business impact: More than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce to access a complete view of prospect and customer data across sales, marketing and service teams. 


big data applications business supply chain logistics

Supply Chain

Anyone who has anxiously tracked a package from departure scan to delivery knows logistics and supply chain data is important. The following companies provide data platforms to more efficiently organize and manage supply chain operations.


ratelinx big data applications business supply chain logistics


Location: Madison, Wis.

What it does: RateLinx is a logistics software company whose intelligence platform integrates data from track & trace, invoice processing and transportation management systems (TMS) to provide predictive analytics and complete visibility of the supply chain in an organized dashboard.

Business impact: By providing data that helps companies pinpoint problems and develop solutions, RateLinx elevates supply chains and logistics from cumbersome necessity to business asset.


domo big data applications business supply chain logistics


Location: American Fork, Utah

What it does: Domo provides solutions that digitally connect businesses through data. The platform unites data from proprietary systems, on-premise, cloud or third-party sources to help businesses track real-time data and provide visibility to the entire company.

Business impact: Domo works in many industries, including logistics and supply chains, to help companies manage invoicing, pinpoint real-time costs and improve the speed and accuracy of deliveries.


voxware big data applications business supply chain logistics


Location: Hamilton, N.J.

What it does: Voxware is an analytics software company that offers data solutions for supply chains. The platform integrates internal and external data into configurable dashboards that provide customizable analytical views. The platform’s predictive analytics tool, VoxPilot, uses data from sources like traffic, weather and labor management to help companies anticipate and prepare for changes.

Business impact: According to a company case study, book publisher HarperCollins uses Voxware to improve productivity, reduce picking errors and support the shipment of three million books per week. After integrating the data analytics software, the publisher saw accuracy increase to 99.98% and productivity gains of 8%.


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