56 Best Marketing Companies to Know

These marketing companies help brands make the most of modern media.

Written by Olivia McClure
56 Best Marketing Companies to Know
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Rose Velazquez | Jun 20, 2024

While the digital realm continues to transform marketing, brands are forced to keep up with ever-evolving trends. With the help of marketing technology, brands now have the chance to improve their online campaigns, take control of social media, and even gain access to actionable insights.

Given the complexity of modern marketing, it takes some serious expertise to thrive in this space. Yet, there are many marketing companies across the country that are up to the challenge. Blending together technology with creativity, these marketing leaders have what it takes to help brands dominate their industries and outshine the competition.

Here are some of the nation’s top marketing companies to keep an eye on.

Top Marketing Companies To Know

  • Drift
  • Khoros
  • Yotpo
  • Merkle
  • ActiveCampaign
  • VMLY&R
  • Iterable
  • Deloitte Digital
  • Wunderman Thompson
  • Ketchum


56 Marketing Companies to Know

Lob’s digital solutions allow brands to carry out automated, data-driven direct mail marketing campaigns. Its SaaS platform also offers access to an extensive print delivery network along with address verification and audience targeting features. Businesses that use Lob’s technology see increased response rates and improved customer retention, while also experiencing reductions in time and money spent on mailing.


Monigle is a branding consultancy that offers a range of services intended to help businesses establish a foundation for their brand identity in addition to creating appealing branded environments and experiences. Its team members use their marketing expertise to collaborate with clients such as Chase, GE, Johnson & Johnson and AT&T.


Buildout makes software solutions for commercial real estate brokers. It offers a marketing tool that allows users to craft websites, emails, flyers and other materials that are optimized to attract and engage buyers. The technology is also equipped with a virtual AI assistant known as AL that professionals can chat with to help them create property and location descriptions.


Contentful makes a composable content platform that gives brands AI tools to power intelligent, automated content creation workflows. Its technology offers a centralized workspace for marketing campaign management and allows brands to personalize digital experiences across different locations and languages. Companies that use Contentful’s solutions have seen increases in engagement and conversion rates, while also saving time and money.


MagicLinks is a social commerce company working with brands and influencers to drive sales on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Its technology connects brands with influencers who can earn money by sharing products with their followers. MagicLinks says its technology solutions have helped to drive billions of dollars in product sales.


DotDash Meredith is a huge print and digital media company operating a family of brands that includes names such as Better Homes & Gardens, Allrecipes, People, Entertainment Weekly and Investopedia. It also offers advertising tools and marketing solutions that help advertisers target and engage the right consumers.


System1 is a digital marketing and advertising tech agency that focuses on customer acquisition. It offers an omnichannel platform that relies heavily on machine learning, AI and data science to deliver high-intent customers at scale. System1’s technology supports hundreds of advertising verticals and is trusted by clients like MapQuest and Cars Genius.


Movable Ink is a marketing tech company that focuses on customer engagement, using AI to create personalized content that runs on automations. Its email technology looks at user data to assess metrics like current location and social media cues, with the goal of adjusting email content in real time. This tech, known as the Movable Ink Studio, functions as an extension to existing marketing technology.   


OpenX is a carbon-neutral certified digital advertising firm that uses tech to offer effective, transparent ad services under a model of sustainable business practices. Operating an advertising server, proprietary ad tech and a marketplace for programmatic ads, the company specializes in creating custom ad packages that maximize return on spend. 


BlueConic is a martech platform helping companies enhance their campaigns. By leveraging data analytics, BlueConic’s platform provides actionable insights that help clients understand their consumer behavior. According to BlueConic, its platform helps improve ad performance and test new advertising strategies.  


Grocery TV operates a network of over 20,000 display screens placed in more than 4,000 U.S. stores that feature ad content designed to appeal to shoppers. The company says it gives advertisers access to a substantial customer base they can engage through campaigns that are tailored based on factors like geographic location. Brands such as Pepsi, Netflix and Chase use Grocery TV’s in-store marketing solutions.


VideoAmp is a software and data company that makes media measurement and optimization software for use in marketing and advertising. Guided by data measuring customer journeys and design materials for their target audience, the company uses metrics like purchase patterns, site visits, demographics and behavior to improve return on ad spend.


Share Local Media is a direct mail agency that serves e-commerce clients. It uses predictive models that consider demographic data, third party behavioral data and client response information to identify target audiences for campaigns. The company’s programmatic mail services are delivered via its API and web platform, which includes automations like triggers for retargeting and abandoned carts.


Fyllo is an adtech company providing brands with solutions that help them identify and connect with online audiences while still taking into account user privacy. For example, the company’s product for contextual targeting uses “advanced semantic targeting” to help brands get relevant ad content in front of precise audience segments without having to rely on cookies. Fyllo says its offerings give customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies the capabilities “to increase reach, boost efficiency and maximize ROI.”


Golden Hippo specializes in direct-to-consumer marketing, with a focus on branding for health, wellness, beauty and pet products. Its services cover product development and brand management, copywriting, video production and editing, IT and web development, digital marketing and customer service.


Partyslate’s website features event planning professionals and businesses, from caterers and DJs to venues. Users can explore Partyslate to help them put together high-end or black-tie events. The company also specializes in events-oriented marketing, using its digital platform to promote businesses across the party, events and luxury lifestyle space.


Mention Me offers a referral marketing platform that finds “customer advocates” through a system it calls “Referral Engineering.” Using artificial intelligence, Mention Me’s platform identifies the customers who will be the best brand advocates and allows companies to leverage referrals from those customers to get new customers.


AdCellerant is a digital marketing agency that has served more than 10,000 customers. The company offers solutions for email marketing, engaging customers through social media, developing custom websites and other key marketing functions.


Equativ is an independent adtech and marketing company that specializes in advanced TV and premium content publishing. It operates its own ad server as well as a supply side platform and a demand-side platform for media buying. Its “curation platform” takes client data and uses it to create custom marketing media for agency, ad publisher and retail clients.


Fusion92 is a full-service marketing firm that is branded around innovation. It leans heavily on analytics and machine learning to provide data-driven marketing services. It offers traditional services like strategy and creative along with options like business and marketing transformation, product innovation and adtech, using its proprietary Media Return Exchange to identify and target audiences and strategize media buying around audience behavior.


AWeber Communications offers email marketing software that is scaled for small businesses. Designed to be user friendly for the less tech-savvy entrepreneur, its email marketing service comes with drag and drop builder tools, email templates, a landing page template gallery, Canva integration for design and a stock image library. The AWeber service is subscription-based and includes tools to help clients grow their email lists.


An automated messaging platform for marketers, Customer.io provides message strategy via copy and microcopy for email campaigns, automated emails, push notifications and in-app messages. It offers features like third-party integration, audience segmentation and an API that maintains consistent branding across marketing materials.


GrapevineAI is a relationship insights platform that creates whitelisted ad campaigns for social media. Grapevine works with brands and creators to create and launch data-informed media campaigns that prioritize authenticity and reduce cost-per-action. Once launched, Grapevine tests content and tracks campaign performance.


Formerly known as Klover before rebranding, Attain analyzes consumer behavior to provide financial data to marketers. Using fully consumer-permissioned data, they offer a financial services app (which still goes by Klover) with more than 3 million users that pulls retail data from consumer panels, store-level purchase data and retail loyalty accounts to offer deep insights into the ways consumers engage with products and marketing strategies.


Sojern’s platform for travel marketing uses AI and machine learning to provide insights that inform users’ strategy and enable automations to optimize campaign performance. The company says the platform provides solutions that can help to increase hotel bookings, boost ticket sales for travel attractions, enhance brand awareness and build loyalty among airline customers.


VidMob offers an Intelligent Creative platform, which extracts data insights meant to improve ad performance. VidMob’s services have been used by companies like Meta, Burger King and Johnson & Johnson.


Ingage’s cloud-based presentation software can be used to produce engaging sales content. Users are able to customize their presentations with images and videos, and the platform comes with analytics to show the impact of content.

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A subsidiary of Havas, Havas Media Group seeks to build brands in a trustworthy and people-first light. Havas Media Group partners with clients to determine proper media investments, measure media performance and reach necessary growth targets for peak audience engagement. The company specializes in data consulting, media strategy and more, and offers its services in over 140 countries.


ReviewTrackers offers tools to help businesses stay on top of their customer reviews. The company has crafted software that makes it easy to request, track and respond to customer reviews. By investing more energy in this aspect of their digital presence, companies can gain valuable insights into how to improve their services while raising their brands in the eyes of consumers.


Merkle works with brands across nine industries to help improve respective customer experiences. The company’s solutions span from the fields of analytics and data to enterprise technology and B2B expertise — making for a comprehensive brand-building toolbox. Brands like Geico, Nestle, Samsung and others have utilized Merkle services to amplify their marketing efforts.


Techint Labs is a full-service advertising agency that works primarily with B2C industries like travel and retail. The agency uses a combination of research, technology, creativity and strategy to create custom campaigns, which typically involve media and analytics, digital advertising and designing. Brands and businesses receive Techint Labs’s services to discover their competitive edge and goals to implement innovative campaigns. These strategies can include email marketing, landing page design, media negotiation and more.


CreatorIQ is an influencer marketing software platform that provides marketing teams and PR professionals with a suite of tools designed to help build, scale and manage influencer marketing programs. With CreatorIQ, businesses can find and recruit influencers and creators, run campaigns, make payouts and measure impact.

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Place Exchange offers advertisers, agencies, DSPs and media partners the chance to leverage its programmatic digital out-of-home (OOH) advertisement platform to reach consumers in physical spaces. Marketers rely on Place Exchange to plan and buy (and measure!) OOH ads with increased control and transparency.


Marketing products across numerous channels can be overwhelming, so Feedonomics offers businesses simplicity. An all-around platform allows teams to automate processes for optimizing, updating and categorizing products. The Feedonomics platform also handles order imports, saving businesses time and freeing up teams to work on more complex projects.


For VMLY&R, its ultimate goal is to merge brand experience and customer experience insights to create connected commerce solutions. The company provides services in areas like brand strategy and development, customer relationship management, as well as entertainment, gaming and tech. VMLY&R has created marketing strategies covering various topics, with notable ones being healthcare and company inclusion.


Choozle runs a digital advertising platform that deploys strategic marketing tech in an accessible format. Marketers using the Choozle platform can set up campaigns with custom goals, budgets and timelines with minimal onboarding. Campaigns are optimized using various ad targeting strategies like contextual category targeting and cross-device targeting, and data strategies like lookalike modeling, which identifies consumers with similar preferences and behaviors to existing customers.


Consumers come across countless marketing campaigns each day, so The Trade Desk is helping companies stand out with tailored content. Businesses can leverage The Trade Desk platform to locate their ideal channels, compile customer data and adjust marketing campaigns along the way. With a data-focused mindset, organizations can develop more cost-efficient and effective campaigns that speak to the needs of their target audiences.


Drift allows go-to-market teams to deliver personalized experiences to website visitors and ultimately drive more conversions. The conversational platform eliminates the need for customers and prospects to fill out forms or wait for responses to their inquiries, allowing reps to engage, qualify and convert them into the pipeline in real time.


Good Kid, which bills itself as “an ideas company,” is an in-house advertising and communications outfit for Comcast, the multinational telecommunication company. It produces creative content across channels like TV, print, radio, social and digital, focusing on Comcast Xfinity’s products and services.


NextRoll is a marketing tech company on a mission to “accelerate growth for companies, big and small.” Their e-commerce marketing platform, AdRoll, helps direct-to-consumer brands connect, automate, and measure the entire customer journey. Powered by AI, the platform boasts capabilities such as channel contribution analysis, advanced targeting, product recommendations and consent management.

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Khoros delivers customer engagement software designed to help brands improve digital customer experiences. Their AI-powered platform allows companies to connect with customers in their preferred channels, including social media and email, so they can create communities that drive loyalty, increase spend and amplify their brands. Additionally, Khoros grants companies access to actionable insights, social media campaign management and brand quality control.


ActiveCampaign’s customer experience automation platform is designed to help growing businesses connect with their customers. Using the company’s software, teams can automate email follow-ups, locate engaged contacts, improve targeting and map out automations in a single view to make adjustments and gain better results. ActiveCampaign also specializes in email marketing, CRM and sales automation.


Braze is on a mission to “forge human connections between brands and consumers.” The company’s platform allows brands to improve campaign optimization, customer lifecycle engagement, cross-channel personalization and data streaming and management. Braze integrates with a broad range of technologies such as Segment, Fivetran and AccuWeather.


Adswerve leverages data discovery to help brands develop insightful marketing strategies. Its solutions include campaign management and optimization, data governance, audience creation and monetization strategy, and campaign and attribution reporting analyses. Additionally, Adswerve helps companies harness the power of the Google Marketing Platform and Cloud.


Vista is known for its custom product services, especially for small businesses. Through the website, businesses can order business cards, pens, websites and more. Additionally, Vista offers design services. The company facilitates a community of designers and allows businesses to choose the product. From there, businesses file out a short survey to place their orders.


Iterable’s platform enables teams to create, optimize and measure each interaction across the customer journey. Its growth marketing platform helps brands utilize their data more efficiently, integrate data from anywhere instantly, segment subscribers for targeted campaigns and build experiences across channels and devices. Leveraging AI, Iterable enables brands to optimize the best times, frequencies and channels to engage individual customers.


Klaviyo offers a platform that helps e-commerce companies accelerate revenue. The company’s platform enables businesses to build e-commerce sign-up and pop-up forms, explore real-time activity feeds, automate customer communications, create highly targeted emails and more. Klaviyo integrates with a variety of platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify.


Acquia offers an enterprise platform that enables businesses to build personalized digital experiences. Businesses can use the company’s platform to drive site traffic, gain new customers and retain existing ones, generate actionable insights and drive engagement. Acquia allows brands to personalize websites, emails and SMS campaigns, manage cross-channel campaigns, organize creative assets, scale operations, and ensure data governance.


Yotpo’s e-commerce marketing platform is designed to help brands accelerate their direct-to-consumer growth. Through the company’s platform, brands can collect more customer reviews and ratings, bring the Instagram experience to their sites, craft loyalty programs, drive referral programs, and build an SMS strategy. Yotpo integrates with a wide range of applications including Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Zendesk.


Acquired by Bazaarvoice in 2020, Curalate’s e-commerce solution helps brands use social media to sell online more effectively. Their platform helps businesses create smarter shopping experiences throughout the customer journey while driving revenue, scaling their brand, generating actionable insights, and building loyalty. Curalate grants brands access to user-generated content, which enables them to use customer feedback to drive strategy and implement customer-centric advertising solutions.


Bamboo is a growth marketing firm that specializes in paid social, paid search and creative. It focuses on lifecycle marketing services — a strategy that identifies potential customers and guides them from brand awareness through education, consideration and purchase. The company works with clients to find, monetize and hold on to clients over the long term. Clients can hand over the reins for fully managed marketing services or work collaboratively with fractional support on media buying, analytics and content creation.


While the freelance world may intimidate some professionals, MarketerHire brings peace of mind to those in the marketing space. The company boasts a network of vetted companies and marketing freelancers. Instead of spending long hours looking for the right place or person, all parties can rely on MarketerHire to match qualified marketing candidates with trusted businesses.


Smartly.io is a marketing tech company that enables brands to automate every step of their social advertising. Through their platform, companies can manage campaigns and access reporting across their advertising accounts. Additionally, Smartly.io grants brands access to original creative concepts and transforms their existing assets into branded, short-form content.

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Wunderman Thompson is a marketing agency and consultancy on a mission to “inspire growth for ambitious brands.” Serving 90 markets worldwide, the organization specializes in services such as brand positioning, effectiveness planning, customer experience, creative development and optimization, data consulting and production strategy. Wunderman Thompson has offices in many major cities including Sydney, Beijing, Copenhagen and Berlin.


Deloitte Digital is a digital consultancy that merges creativity with technological expertise. Its focus areas include customer strategy and applied design, AR/VR, HR transformation and blockchain adoption and integration. Deloitte Digital offers other solutions such as finance transformation and next-gen digital banking.


Ketchum is a global PR firm that offers a broad range of marketing and advertising solutions. The company’s specialties include influencer marketing, reputation management, analytics, content creation, digital strategy, earned media and employee communications and engagement. Ketchum boasts offices across the globe in cities such as Paris, Istanbul, Stockholm and London.

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