Built In’s 2017 State of Tech Recruiting Report

Built In’s 2017 State of Tech Recruiting Report is a data-driven analysis of the trends, challenges and opportunities tech recruiters will encounter over the coming year.

Our findings — sourced via survey responses from technical recruiters at hundreds of startups and tech companies across the country — will help readers better understand the state of technical recruiting in America, the obstacles likely to present themselves in 2017 and what their colleagues are doing to succeed in a highly competitive labor market.


Key Takeaways

Competition for tech talent will be brutal in 2017

  • 98% of recruiters believe tech recruiting will be as competitive as 2016, if not more so.
  • 88% of recruiters anticipate filling as many or more positions in 2017 versus 2016.

You’ll have to pay more for in-demand talent

  • 53% of recruiters plan to increase new-hire salary offers in 2017.
  • Software developers will be the hot ticket, with 55% of recruiters identifying this group as their top priority.

Top source of hire is split between internal and external channels

  • Job boards rate as the top source of hire, but only by a hair.
  • Employee referral programs finished a very close second.

Passive candidates will be more important than ever

  • 36% of technical recruiters hope to add sourcing tools to their arsenal in 2017.

Employer branding will be a priority for everyone

  • 98% of recruiters plan to spend as much or more on employer branding this year as they did in 2016.